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All of our leads come with an 85% or better accuracy guarantee.

Because of the special compliance rules that govern our industry, such as each companies individual internal data systems, we have developed methods to help you navigate many of the difficulties you deal with in your marketing efforts. All of our lead products with home address or business addresses are NCOA certified through the US Postal services for 90% accuracy within 30 days of delivery. All consumer telephone numbers are screened for the state and national Do Not Call Registry upon delivery. We can also help you to include digital technologies, such as email, social media, and texting  into your marketing strategies and avoid many of the pitfalls that face new users. As always, your success is our success.   


  • Accredited Investors

  • Business Owners

  • Muni Bond Buyers

  • Managed Money

  • Speculative Investors

  • High Income Professions

  • Real Estate Investors

  • 401K Rollover

  • Gender and Ethnicity

  • Corporate Executives

  • High Net Worth Retirees

  • Non-Profit Donors


  • Name and Address

  • Geography

  • Businesses by Sales

  • Business by Employees

  • Opt-In Information

  • Religion

  • Age

  • Occupation

  • Income

  • Business SIC Code

  • Speculative Investors

  • Commodity Investors

  • Homeowners

  • Telephone Numbers

  • Corporate Title

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